Consistently practicing creative writing in any form – movie script, novel, prose, poetry or love letter, will set in motion the creative part of your brain for extraordinary results, professionally and personally.

Even just putting pen to paper every day for any reason or length of time has huge benefits.

Here’s just a little list of 32 ways creative writing can help you at everything ever.

I stand by this list, because everything on it happened to me.


1. Relieves stress
2. Organizes thoughts
3. Channels emotions for a better understanding of self
4. Builds long-term goals (without you even trying!)
5. Helps you figure out what’s really important to you
6. Enhances the structure of presentations, emails & pitches
7. Helps you breathe (really… it does)
8. Increases problem-solving skills exponentially
9. Have you heard of the box? Think outside it… under it… hell, there is no box in your case
10. Makes you braver in social situations (because you’ve written them)
11. Gives you managerial skills with the ability to strategize effectively
12. Heightens communication so that you’re a better boyfriend, girlfriend, husband, wife, son, daughter, father, mother, employee, manager, best friend…
13. Clarity. You’ll have it.
14. Professionalism. You’ll own it.
15. Wit. You’re on fire.
16. Opens the meditative side of your brain for a more peaceful outlook on the day
17. Makes you more interesting
18. Lets you see the world in a whole different and beautiful way (see #17)
19. Empties then compartmentalizes your thoughts so you can be more productive
20. Fun. It’s fun. And, having fun will make you all-around better.
21. Gives you permission to explore all the different and crazy parts of your personality
22. Makes it OK to be a kid again
23. Do you do any other artistic activities? Paint? Design? Play music? Yeah, writing will make you better at them.
24. Strengthens public speaking
25. New-idea rollercoaster. That’s what you’ll be.
26. Deep self-expression makes you more charming (not kidding)
27. Fuels your analytical abilities
28. Puts you on an edge in arguments or debates
29. Gives you purpose and determination
30. Gives way for positivity
31. Makes you more sensitive and intuitive
32. Allows you the confidence to be yourself, because you know yourself that much better

Did I miss anything?


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