Because right now, we need to be telling better stories – in movies, TV, anything.

Because our stories shape who we are.

Because storytelling is essential for our cultural narrative.

Because it’s time that we take our place as a talent hub in the region.

Because just a few films per year getting recognized globally (and thank Art for them) isn’t enough.

Because this isn’t a competition. When one, or one hundred of us win, we all win.

Because movie and TV scripts have the ability to reach more people than ever before. As long as they are honest and good and true to the writer who is writing them, the country that we’re from, the people we are and the culture we embody.

Because it’s time that we stop settling for “good enough” or “it makes money” or “nobody cares” and start being GREAT (again).

Because it’s not about being the perfect writer, getting it “right” or making it big, it’s about being true to yourself.

Because a great script is the core of a great film or TV series and only greatness can reach a regional and global market, in turn creating jobs and boosting our economy.

Because we deserve it. And if we work it at, through training and practice, we can succeed together.

Because there are people out there who want to make good movies and TV, they just need damn good scripts.

Because with a great script, other people get to be great – directors, actors, set dressers, designers, makeup, costumers, editors, musicians…

Because we can make a change.

Start writing today.  

If you’re wondering if you can write movies or TV series, please contact us info@fadeinbeirut.com. And check out our facebook page and instagram account.

Because we need you.