FICTION VS. REALITY a screenplay by Nadia Tabbara

I was recently invited to perform a story at the Cliffhanger’s Storytelling Nights. I spoke with the founder of this series, Dima Matta, and told her, I wanted to tell my story in screenplay format. She was curious and being the rebel writer that she is, of course she encouraged me as she does so many others.

So I wrote my personal story as a script; mostly because this is how I see things, how I remember things, how I choose to tell my stories.

And here it is!
It’s a personal story, but it’s also a compilation of memories, which so often mix with fiction to create an unreliable narrative that we call, our personal history.

One of the scenes in this piece is actually in my upcoming film, set to release to in 2018.

Thank you for reading.
Note: Zoom in on your browser to read, pages are numbered. All FADE IN: Sarl scripts are protected under the Writers Guild of America, West.

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