As a business-owner and entrepreneur, routine and planning is readily accepted. Actually, it’s celebrated. As a creative writer and artist, routine is vehemently rejected. Being “creative” or being an “artist” is synonymous with a character who is chaotic, crazy, unstable or depressed (literally all of these things have been said to me). This is probably because when being an Artist became a “thing,” the icons were also part of the counter-culture movement.

They have nothing to do with routine, so surely, to be like them, I should also reject everything that is stable, right?


Actually, they did have a routine. Oddly, routine is really common among many great artists, each one crafting their own version of their creative day-to-day.

Lately, I’ve been faltering in my creative process and I know that in order to be producing GOOD work, I must be consistent in actually finishing stuff, and there’s only one way to do that. You guessed it: ROUTINE.

Check out my new plan! With this plan, I will be finished with the first draft of my feature in the 45 days and I will have read an average of 2-3 books. I’ll keep updating this blog with how the routine is going but keep this in mind: goals are met one day at a time, not in big sweeping chunks.

Now, make your own version of this…

wake up, play with Squishy the cat, feed her, make coffee

morning pages for 10 minutes. More about that write here.

work really hard on NOT checking social media on my phone. Actually, turn off notifications, throw the phone off the balcony, whatever.

write 2 pages of screenplay as fast as I can

exercise (4x per week) – I get more and more ideas during this time, but also, I use exercise time to read or watch an interesting show because seriously, I can’t get through it any other way. Otherwise, I take a long walk and the ideas just come.

get ready to go to the best job in the world at FADE IN:

walk to work (don’t judge me, it takes me forever to get ready)

work begins, writing first (ie. this blog, newsletters, web-series), or meetings, and then logistics begin and seem to never end.

10 minutes of reading INSTEAD of checking my phone. Did I throw that thing out the window yet?


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