Structure: how to find what works for you

We have all been bombarded by THE RULES of a good story. There are rules on every aspect of storytelling – character, dialogue, format (ok, seriously, follow ‘format’ rules) and the mother of all of them, the dreaded STRUCTURE. Structure is so important in crafting a good story, so of course, writers are the most afraid of it. They clutch on to rules and try their damnedest to fit their story into this rigidity. So, what happens if you don’t find yourself (or your story) fitting? Actually, you find that these rules are not helping you, they’re just making you feel crappy about yourself and your work.

I wrote more about this in Outlining your story: the misconception of “breaking the rules” and this video by renowned screenwriter (and my personal mentor) Jacob Krueger says it best. A big part of making your story the best it can be, is understanding your creative-self so you can be well-equipped to figure what you want to say. Then, you can take the rules and make them work for you.

What Kind of Structure Does Your Inner Writer Need? from Jacob Krueger Studio on Vimeo.


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